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Meet the Founder



Ceci Clarke is the consummate luxury residential estate builder. With the 2017 founding of Ceci Clarke Inc., she becomes the first and only 100% woman-owned builder of- high-end Southern California homes. She maintains the highest level of quality for every project maintaining an unwavering “can-do” approach with a full commitment to the project’s success. She demands that all her subcontractors deliver superior craftsmanship, integrity and diligence on every project.

Her seemingly easy going and approachable style masks her insistence on no-nonsense, practical and immediate feedback. Combined with her unerring attention to details and commitment to protecting her clients’ interests, Ceci Clarke has attracted an extraordinary clientele. A testament to her skills is repeat referrals from her clients’ business managers and attorneys; plus the nation’s leading architects and designers.

She earned a degree in Civil Engineering from Stanford University in California, with post-graduate studies in Construction Management.

Some of Our Projects

Bellagio Project, Bel Air
Montecito Estate, Montecito
Chalon Project, Bel Air
Panzer Project, Pacific Palisades
Moreno Project, Santa Monica
Mandeville Canyon Site Development and Mandeville Canyon Remodel, Pacific Palisades
IM Project, Santa Barbara
Crown Residence
Woodacres Project, Santa Monica
Mapleton Manor Remodel, Bel Air Auerbach Residence, Pacific Palisades
Foothill Project, Beverly Hills
Finefrock Residence, Montecito and Westlake
Calle Vista Guest House, Beverly Hills
Airole Residence, Bel Air and West Los Angeles Green Remodel, Montecito
Palisades Beach Projects, Santa Monica
Booth Residences, Montecito and Bel Air
Hot Springs Project, Montecito
Siena Way Residence, Beverly Hills
Fernald Point Project, Montecito Kingman Residence, Santa Monica
Deyhimy Site Development, Westlake
Monaco Project, Pacific Palisades
Forman Remodel, Toluca Lake
La Mesa Project, Pacific Palisades
Ocampo Project, Pacific Palisades
Anders Residence, Calabasas
Colonna Remodel, Pales Verdes
Granville, West Los Angeles
Polson Remodel, Westlake
Calle Vista Project, Beverly Hills
Ellis Residence, Montecito
Office Renovation, Beverly Hills
Stonehouse Development, Montecito
Greentree Guest House, Pacific Palisades
Eackelbary Residence, Westlake
Mulholland Project, Los Angeles
Lot 6, Westlake
Clerendon Remodel, Beverly Hills
Bergman Residence, Westlake
Ridgedale Project, Beverly Hills
Partamian Residence, Montecito and Hidden Hills(a repeat client)
Schleck Residence, Montecito
Lucovsky Remodels, Montecito(a repeat client)
Scott Residence, Malibu
Haselton Residence and Remodel, Montecito
Chiate Residence, Malibu
San Vicente Residence, Santa Monica
Bell Residence, Camarillo
Finefrock Residence V, Montecito
Boone Residence, Westlake
Martin Residence, Palos Verdes
Ledge Residence, Toluca Lake
Valley Spring Residence, Toluca Lake
Knezevich Residence, Bell Canyon
Monkarsh Residence, Brentwood
Kotick Remodel, Beverly Hills
Morris Residence, Encino
Mapleton Residences, Bel Air and Malibu
Matchette Residence, Encino
906 Corsica, Pacific Palisades
Kaplan Residence, Malibu
Mulholland Estates Development
Lin Residence, Malibu
Brooklawn Remodel, Bel Air
Maney Residence, Monterey
Forman Residence, Toluca Lake
Buckley Residence, Westlake
Lisberger Residence, Padific Palisades
Glynn Residence, Pacific Palisades
Licklider Residence, Bel Air
Arnold Residence, Mulholland Estates
Lake Sherwood Ranch
Mandeville Canyon Site Development, Mandeville
Crestline Renovation, Brentwood
Monkarsh Residence, Brentwood
Scheinrock Residence, Sherman Oaks
Beverly Park Project, Beverly Park
Malkin Residence, Santa Monica
Summitridge Residence, Beverly Hills
Zatzkis Residence, Santa Monica
Yeung Residence, Pasadena
Marks Residence, Brentwood
Schwartzberg Resdience, Beverly Hills
Hafer Residence, Malibu
Arnopole Residence, Bel Air
Katersky Residence, Sherwood Estates
Holmby Hills Remodel, Bel Air
Baumgarten Residence, Encino O’Flaherty Residence, North Ranch
Adelman Residence, Encino

When you’re talking about building a house, you’re talking about dreams.

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